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Nature Photo Index
Soho Galleries: Australian Art Index
Official Web-Site of the U.S. National Park Service
Excellent Photography of Glacier National Park
Great photos of Switzerland
Travel information about the eastern parts of the U.S.
Travel information about the South-West of the U.S.
Backpacking Information at
Hiking Directory
General information about the U.S. with many interesting links (German)
North America Search Engine (German)
Photographic Hiking Tour of the Grand Canyon
Astro-Cruise: Excellent astro photography
Astro Pix: Awesome astro pictures
2MASS Atlas Image Gallery
Light Pollution Map
Chess Opening Database
Julian date converter
Siderial clock
Formel für Sonnenaufgang, Sonnenuntergang und die Zeitgleichung
Basic photometry
Centroid Model
Analay Math Software
pixels Of Art Project
Speaker Deck
Tech Site Star Naming