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Arches is one of the great and often visited National Parks in Utah. With its majestic arches, that get thinner and thinner every year the wind blows through them, nobody knows how long each of them will be able to face nature.

Getting there

Arches National Park is only a few miles north of Moab, Utah. It can conveniently be reached via I-70 and U.S. Route 191, or via U.S. Route 160 and 191 from Grand Canyon National Park. Camping in Arches National Park is highly recommended, with brilliant dark skies and a fantastic scenery. If you forgot your tent, then you will find lots of inexpensive motels or hotels with more anemities in Moab.

Exploring the park

Most of the interesting places in Arches National Park can be reached by car and short foot walks. Several short hikes, the longest lasting a couple of hours, bring you to the most interesting places in Arches National Park. Therfore, Arches is not the best place if you are looking for longer hikes or backcountry camping, though it's not impossible, and the Rangers in the visitor center will give you tips where to hike.

The visitor center offers guided tours at several locations in the park. Further information can be found at the official Arches National Park NPS web site. The visitor center has maps and can also give you additional advice to find your way through the park.